Pine Trees:

Oh the wonderful thing to discover the many uses of Pine trees. Pine sap is the number one thing to discover. Pine sap is antibacterial. You can also make primitive bandaid with it. Other uses include glue gum and a cough and cold remedy. I like to call pine trees your gold mine if you know what to do with it. Another resource of pine tree is fat wood. the best fire starter that is free and natural to use. It is highly flamiable too so watch out. By scrapping some off of a stick and using a for-cerium Rod you can start a fire very quickly even with wet wood. This is great in a survival situation when you are bugging back home or camp and all you have is 1 match per day and you know it will take you at least 7 days to get home. Make sure you find some fat wood to start that fire with. Another primitive thing you could also use pine sap with is making your own lamp sticks kind of like the tiki candle sticks.  Any ways this is just a few things I have discovered with pine trees and just wanted to share this with my network of people.


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