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Identify if you are AT RISK

Do you live in:

  •  a flood prone area?
  • an area plagued by harsh winers such as snow storms or ice storms
  • an area susceptible to tornadoes?
  • a coastal area that deals with hurricane seasons?
  • earthquake country?
  • Wildfire torn lands?
  • Prone Power outages such as brown outs or black outs?
  • Last minute family visits with special diet restrictions?

There are many types of disasters these are just a few. The key is identifying what you are at risk for and preparing, so when that times comes you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are taken care of.

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Legacy Premium Food Storage is the first and only company to take emergency food storage preparation to a gourmet standard. In partnership with the White family that introduced the world to Bear Creek Soups and Sawyers Premium, Legacy Premium was developed to bring superior tastes and ingredients to emergency food supply. Imagine what over 20 […]

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